Pick'Em Games - Elite, Championship and Oracle
1) The site automatically opens up on the respective game's “Leaderboard” page.
a. Select the weight class bracket where you want to start making your picks. Pickeminst1
2) Making Your Picks:
a. Select the “Pick” Button (purple button)
b. Choose your wrestler
i. A drop down box of possible wrestlers will appear. (If you are making picks beyond the current round more than two wrestlers will be available for selection.)
ii. Highlight your wrestler
c. Your Pick (i.e. Reinhart) will display as shown below.
3) “Results” Button (grey button):
a. Will display the scoring legend for that match.
4) Cutoff Time:
a. Picks are allowed only when the tournament is open. Typically picks are closed once the tournament round has started.
b. A Cutoff Timer is displayed on the “My Games” page.

1) For every correctly predicted pick, points are awarded.
2) Typically, picks in latter rounds are given greater value.
a. See “Round Header” for the legend of points per match in each round.
3) Total points are tallied on the Leaderboard.
4) You may only make picks when the tournament is open. The “Cutoff Timer” will tell you when the round is closed to further picks.
5) Picks may be changed in-between rounds in rounds that have not yet occurred.
a. The exception is Pick’Em Oracle where all picks must be made before the tournament starts. No changes are possible after that.
6) Picks are automatically transferred to all bracket games. Thus, picks for one Pick’Em bracket game are recorded for all Pick’Em bracket games.
Pick’Em Elite
Every match is scored, including both the championship and wrestleback sides of the bracket.
Pick’Em Championship
Only picks on the championship side of the bracket are scored.
Pick’Em Oracle
Only picks on the championship side of the bracket are scored. All picks must be made before the tournament begins. Once the tournament starts no changes may be made in your picks.