League Play Instructions
  • Leagues
  • Teams
  • Commissioner
  • How to Create a League
  • How to Add or Edit Teams in a League
  • How to Add or Edit Players on a Fantasy Team
  • How to Draft Wrestlers to Fantasy Teams
  • Fantasy Team Scoring
1. Leagues
  • Leagues are a collection of friends that join together to play against each other on Mat Picks.
    • All Mat Picks games may be turned into a League game.
  • Leagues are created, “owned” and administrated by the Commissioner of the league.
  • Leagues may be Open or Private.
    • Open Leagues are advertised on the “Find League” page to recruit additional players (Mat Picks registered users) to the league.
    • Private Leagues are not advertised, and the commissioner of the league must invite players to join.
2. Teams
  • Fantasy Teams:
    • May be created for tournament events.
    • Wrestlers are Drafted into the Fantasy Team and entered by the commissioner.
    • Multiple players (Mat Picks registered users) may be assigned to a fantasy team.
    • In Pick’Em bracket games, each individual player is considered their own separate team.
3. Commissioner:
  • The Commissioner is the Mat Picks player who creates and manages the league.
    • The Commissioner enters all of the unique information concerning the league.:
      • League Name
      • Fantasy Teams names
        • Assigns players (Mat Picks registered users) to each Fantasy Team.
      • Assigns drafted wrestlers to each Fantasy Teams.
    • The Commissioner:
      • Determines league membership:
        • Through the “Find League” process
        • Or by designating the league Private or Open
      • Edits the League information (Name, Teams, etc.)
      • Determine the customizable nuances of a Mat Picks Games
        • Wrestler assignment rules
        • Draft order rules
      • Only the Commissioner will have access to several pages used to manage the league. These pages may not be available to all league members.
4. How to Create a League:
  • After you have “Entered” an Event (tournament or dual meet), select the “Create a League” button.
  • Follow these Four Steps
    • Step 1. Enter League Information:
      • Name of League
      • League Comments: This is what shows up under the description of the league on the “Find League” page.
      • An example of a league comment would be: “Iowa HS coaches’ challenge. Only Oklahoma HS coaches may apply.”
      • If you select “Public” your league will be advertised on the “Find League” page to those looking to join a league. Otherwise your league will remain private.
    • Step 2. Select from Available Events:
      • The default event will be the event you entered the league creation process with. However you may select another event from the drop down box.
    • Step 3. Authorize Games:
      • Select from the available games those that you want your league to play.
      • Note Fantasy Team Play has two options.
    • Step 4. Save New League:
      • You must click the save button.
5. How to Add or Edit Teams in a League:
  • Enter a tournament or dual meet from the “Events” page and then select “Edit League”.
  • There is two ways to add teams (or players).
    • The Commissioner may enter all information when creating a league.
    • The Commissioner may accept petitioners from the “Find League” process.
  • The Commissioner may Add a Team by Entering the Team Information
    • Select the yellow “Add Team” button on the “Edit League “ page
    • Follow the three steps:
      • Step 1. Add Team:
        • Enter Team’s Name
        • Abbreviated Team Name: This how the team will be displayed on the league’s bracket page.
      • Step 2. Add players to Team.
        • Multiple players may be assigned to a Fantasy Team.
      • Step 3. Save:
        • You must select save.
  • The Commissioner may Add Teams (or Players) by Accepting Petitioners from the Find League page.
    • On the “Edit League” page, in the lower left corner there will be a notification drop box. Open the Drop Box.
    • Click “Accept” or “Decline”.
    • An email message will be sent to the petitioner of the commissioner’s decision.
6. How to Add or Edit Players on a Fantasy Team
  • To add players to a team “Enter” a tournament or dual meet from the “Events” page and then select “Edit League”
  • In the “Manage Teams and Players”( section 4), select “Edit Team or Players”
  • Start typing the display name or the email address of the player you want to add to the team. Leagues6
  • Once you see the player you want to add in the space below, select that player.
  • You may add as many players as you like to a single fantasy team.
  • Players must be registered with Mat Picks before they can be added.
7. How to Draft Wrestlers to Fantasy Teams
  • Enter a tournament event from the “Events” page.
  • Select “Draft Board”
  • Select Weight Class – a list of available wrestlers will appear.
  • Select Fantasy Team.
  • Select Add Competitor.
  • Repeat process until teams are created
8. Fantasy Team Scoring
  • The team points awarded to the drafted wrestler in the actual tournament are assigned to the fantasy team drafting that wrestler.
  • Typically team points are the same as existing NCAA team scoring rules (This may be varied- see results page for actual point value in each round).
  • Penalty Points are tallied as well:
    • If an individual wrestler is the source of the penalty, team points will be deducted from the fantasy team that drafted that wrestler.
    • If a non-wrestler (i.e. coach) is the source of the penalty, no points will be deducted from the fantasy team.